Restaurants & Shopping @ Placencia Village

Located just over an one hour drive from Hopkins, Placencia Village has many things to offer such as local gift shops, art galleries, restaurants and beautiful beaches. To reach you will ride on a 15 mile peninsula while having the sea on both sides of the road.

Enjoy walking on Placencia’s Main Street sidewalk, which is 4,071 feet long and 4 feet wide and do not miss the fabulous Italian Gelato at Tutti Fruitti.

Bring: Closed shoes, Sunscreen, Camera, Bathing suit
How far away: 50 miles, 1h 15 min ride from Hopkins
District:Stann Creek
Difficulty level ride: Easy
Difficulty level tour: Easy
Percentage off-road: 0%
Bike required: Dual-sport or Cruiser
Tour Duration: 2-8 hours

Outdoor museum @ Sepron Sugar Mill

Hidden in the jungle one mile in on the access road to the village of Sittee River is an important landmark in Belize’s colonial history. It is the remnants of the steam powered Serpon Sugar Mill which was established in 1865, marked the start of Belize’s industrial era. The mill was bought by William Bowman and it, along with the Regalia, bought and owned by an American, fueled Belize’s economy for about thirty years.

There is a museum that will explain how the sugar cane was converted into sugar. While walking around the actual machinery, which is still out in the jungle partially overgrown by strangeler figs, you will get the feeling that you are visiting Narnia.

Bring: Closed Shoes, Insect Repellent
How far away: 7 miles, 20 min ride from Hopkins
District: Stann Creek
Difficulty level ride: Easy
Difficulty level tous: Easy
Percentage off-road: 80%
Bike required: Dual-sport or Cruiser
Tour Duration: 1 hour

Grow your knowledge @ Belize Botanical Gardens

Our lives are linked to plants in so many ways that you'll be pleasantly surprised how enjoyable a trip to the gardens can be.This botanical garden features a very ample amount of native trees, plants and flowers. You can spend a whole morning or afternoon participating in either a guided or a self-guided tour.

The self-guided tour is assisted by a leaflet that will explain the uses, whether they are medicinal, financial, daily or ritual, of the plant.

In the Native Orchid House you may experience hundreds of orchids, all native to Belize.

Bring: Camera, Insect Repellent
How far away: 110 miles, 3h 30 min from Hopkins
District: Cayo
Difficulty level ride: Medium
Difficulty level tour: Easy
Percentage off-road: 10%
Bike required: Dual-sport
Tour Duration: 1-4 hour